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Trail Buddies

Lilly (Frog)

Lilly (Frog)

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Introducing Lilly, the hopping adventurer from Trail Buddies! This delightful stuffed frog is ready to leap into your hiking escapades, bringing a splash of whimsy to your photographs against stunning natural backdrops. Lilly's big, googly eyes and playful smile are sure to bring a giggle to your face, and don't be surprised if Lilly tries to catch a fly or two while you're busy capturing memories! Plus, with every Lilly sold, we plant a tree in our national forests, ensuring a greener future for generations to come. Don't wait to capture unforgettable moments with Lilly by your side, order now!

- Each Trail Buddy sits up around 7" tall and weighs only about 4 ounces. The perfect size companion to take along on your adventures!

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