About Us

Welcome to Trail Buddies, where we believe in making every adventure unforgettable and nurturing our planet at the same time!

Trail Buddies was born out of a passion for the great outdoors and a desire to preserve it for future generations. We combined our love for hiking, photography, and wildlife to create a unique product that encourages people to explore and cherish the great outdoors.

Our Trail Buddies are not just cute, cuddly companions for your outdoor adventures; they are ambassadors of our commitment to the environment. Every plush animal is designed with care, crafted to be your perfect partner on the trail, and ready to be a part of your most memorable scenic shots.

However, our mission goes beyond creating adorable hiking companions. We are dedicated to making a tangible difference in the world. That's why, for every Trail Buddy sold, we pledge to plant a tree in one of our National Forests. This initiative not only helps restore our beautiful woodlands but also enables our customers to contribute to a greener, healthier planet with each purchase.

Trail Buddies is a division of: My Adventure Challenge